iTAG User Manual

Thank you for choosing the smart anti-lost products iTag based on
Bluetooth. iTag is a kind of Bluetooth Low-energy product which based on
the newest Bluetooth 4.0 version. It can chain user’s easy-lost & valuable
belongings (such as keys, handbags etc.), kids or pets together with smart
phones through specified App software within a setting Bluetooth
connection distance. In the effective distance it can realize the functions of
anti-lost, looking for smart phones, self-portrait and voice recording.
The effective distance of iTag is 75 Feet in open range without barrier.
With this device, your belongings, kids and pets won’t leave your attentions
any more.
iTag use CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery which is easy to get from
markets, and it works for almost half a year.

Download the “iSearching” App on iPhone by :

For Andriod : “iTracking” on Play Store

Switch on/off

Switch on: Press and hold the button on iTag for 3 seconds until you
heard the Beep twice
Switch off: Press and hold the button on iTag for 3 seconds until the long
“Beep” sound.



1. iTag will connect the smart phone automatically when power on, if it
shows “disconnected” on the App, please click the “Connect” button to
connect it again.
2. Click the Search  button to find more connectable iTag devices, such
as car keys, bags and so on. (Note: Click the arrow icon will turn to
submenu, such as add photo for iTag, rename and set the ring tone etc.)


3. Press the "x" button to enter into “Delete” submenu to remove the
item which you don’t need, or slide this item to left on “device list”
interface, click “–” to remove it out of the device list.

Do Not Disturb Mode

On the “Setting” interface, switch “Do not disturb” on, alert function of all
devices will be shut down.

On the “Device” interface, enter into submenu “iTag” item, click “Anti lost”
to set a unique feature for alert function for each iTag, such as shut off the
alert for one of connected iTag.

Setting for Alert

As shown in the image
1. Double click the button on iTag to trigger the alert on the smart phone.
2. Click the red flash button to stop the phone alert.
3. Click “Alert” button, iTag alerts, and click the “Stop Alert” will stop the
alert from iTag.


As shown in the image
Press the “Photograph” button, it will turns to camera mode.
1. Press top right and left to set the flashlight and camera:
2. Press the button on the right button, you can set for burst shooting
and interval timer shooting.
Press the button on iTag once, it works as a remote shutter to take photos.


As shown in the image
Location list: when you pack your car, press the button on iTag, it will
marks your current location on the map. Press the “Location list” and you
will find where your vehicle is with easy tracking when you leave any big or
underground parking lot
Lost history: If the iTag is lost, A pin-drop will be marked automatically on
Map to tell you the site it was lost. just press “lost history” to find the
Remark: To delete the list, just scroll left the list and press the “Delete”


In order to experience the functions of iTag better, enter into the setting
menu to set for your iTag.
As shown in the image

APP password setting
Map switch: choose Google map or Baidu map
Double click setting: setting for alarm or voice recording
Record list: The recorded voice would be stored under this state.
Simply press Play button to play/pause and scroll left the list to delete it.
Version: Version of current App

Battery replacement

Battery is in the back of the tag. Use a coin as a key and twist it to
right to open the battery cover,then replace the battery. The used CR2032
cell is easy to get in the market.After replacement put the cover back and
close it to left also with the coin.