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At ABC Computer, we make meeting your IT Needs as EASY as ABC.

                                Let’s us work for you !!!

           We can fix any laptop, any computer and any model!

           We specialize in laptop & desktop computer, iphone repair

ABC COMPUTER provides professional, certified computer services and

       computer and iphone repair for home and business customers.        

Computer Servicing and Repair

Computer Cleaning
Cleaning of all dust particles in your system that could cause hardware overheating.
Quick System Diagnostic
Quick components check and diagnostic. (Repair not included)
Full System Diagnostic
Full components diagnostic with software check. (Repair not included)
Virus and Spyware Removal
Viruses and spyware removal. (Software not included)
Complete System Rebuild
Includes basic system rebuild and testing(Hardware not included)
Remote Access Support
One on one support with one of our in-house technicians over the phone and internet.
Payment by credit card over the phone. Internet connection and email required.

 Hardware and Software Installation

Hardware Installation (For Peripheral Devices)
Includes the installation for any PCI cards ( ex. video cards & sound cards ), Hard Drives, DVD, onto your desktop or laptop system. (Hardware not included)
Hardware Installation (For Base Components)
Includes the installation for any Power Supplies, Motherboard, CPU (Processors), and RAM (Memory). (Hardware not included)
Operating System Installation
Includes the installation of Microsoft Windows onto your system, complete with all drivers and all latest critical updates. (Software not included)
Software Installation
Includes the installation of any application software, excluding Operating Systems. (Software not included)

Data Protection

One Time Data Backup / Transfer
Backup your files into CD / DVD / External Hard Drive / Hard Drive up to 9.4GB of data (Media such as External Hard Drive or Hard Drive is not included).
Data Removal (Hard Drive Erasure)
Fully remove all sensitive and confidential data.

Rush Service

Rush Service
Service get moved to the front of the service queue.


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